1 Year Anniversary Giveaway: LadyBossBlogger Course

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1 Year Anniversary Giveaway: LadyBossBlogger Course


How the Journey Began

I came back from my month-long trip to Europe in June 2019 as a changed woman. I have already accomplished leaving my IT career as a Director to become my own boss with a physical products company that I’ve owned for 5 years, but now I have a new goal: To become a Travel, Food & Aloha Lifestyle Influencer. I gave myself a 5-year plan to completely replace and exceed my income to making money by influence! 

How the Journey is Going

It’s July 2020; a year since I made that decision. This blog went live in September 2019 and I was growing my Instagram account @alohamelani by 1k followers a month as I had a goal to get to 10K followers in a year. I started getting approached by brands for in-kind collaborations and landed my first paid collaboration in December of 2019. Since then I’ve done several paid sponsorships. At the time of this blog post, I’m at 9K followers on Instagram. 

Sounds like I’m on my way, huh? Well, not really. As someone who runs a full-time business, it has not been easy splitting my time between work, family, Instagram and Blogging! I’m a fast learner and I am so determined to win that I figured out how to blog and how to influence by trial and error. I’ve accomplished a lot, but I’m not where I want to be. My Blog and Instagram posts are not consistent! This means I’m not growing as fast as I want to, let alone getting close to replacing my income.

Where the Journey is Taking me….Anniversary Gift to Myself

So, for my 1 year anniversary, I gave myself the gift of knowledge. I’m taking the LadyBossBlogger Course, Make Money As An Influencer, and I’m ready to take my influence to the next level. 

It’s an online course that I can take at my leisure. I’ve committed to finishing the course before this month is up. My birthday month is August and I plan to use all of the new techniques I’m learning in my new year of life. What’s crazy is I’ve learned so much already and I’m only halfway through the course!

There are 7 sections in the Make Money As An Influencer course:

  1. Introduction
  2. Branding + Structure
  3. Content Creation
  4. Brand Relationships
  5. Making Money
  6. Legal Matters
  7. Conclusion

I’ve come to the realization that these two areas need to be corrected if I’m going to reach my, now 4-year goal. I need to stick to a content calendar and posts consistently if I really want to grow. I’ve been fortunate that I’ve landed a few brand deals, but if I’m going to replace my income I need to pitch brands and not just wait for them to approach me. This course has given me a game plan to do just that.

My Anniversary Giveaway & Gift to YOU!

I’m grateful that Elaine Rau and LadyBossBlogger has sponsored this post and has agreed to partner with me to give away a course for my 1 Year Anniversary!

To Enter:

Go to my 1 Year Anniversary Post on Instagram and follow these instructions:

  1. Follow me @AlohaMelani on Instagram
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  4. Like & Save THIS Post
  5. Tag a Friend in the Comments (extra entries with each tag!)
  6. Get 5 extra entries by subscribing to my email list!

If you are the winner you can choose one of these fabulous courses:

Start A Money Making Blog

Make Money As An Influencer

Ready to take a LadyBossBlogger course now? 

Use my 40% off Promo Code: MELANI and click HERE. There are even payment plans available! There’s no excuse to give yourself the gift of knowledge to go to the next level, Lady Boss!

A portion of all proceeds from LadyBossBlogger goes to The Micah Project which is a home for street kids in Honduras.

BONUS: If you want a peek at how valuable these courses are, start by checking out LadyBossBlogger & Elaine Rau’s free resources:

I look forward to announcing the winner in 2 weeks! Good Luck Lady Boss! 

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This Post Has 12 Comments

  1. Karl Darden

    Congratulations on building up your IG followers to over 9K so far. Nice work! 

    I think that all successful people are always pushing to get just a little better. Good job finding a resource that will help sharpen your skills. I’ve been trying to do the same thing. I am in the sports niche. 

     You’re right about posting consistently. My content is pretty in depth, and there is no way I could generate 2,000 – 2,500 words a day, especially with college sports basically on hold. But I do publish something once a week and stay connected to my followers on my group FB page. That seems to be working so far. 

    You’ve cultivated some great partnerships in a relatively short period of time. Great job. I hope you find much success by putting what you learned in the course into practice. 

    1. AlohaMelani


      Thank you! Great job on posting once a week. I definitely need to get there and need to carve out the time somehow to do so. I think shifting to talking about the changes and what to expect for incoming college students with sports scholarships and the conditioning college athletes should do while “on hold” to keep up skills would be great topics during the COVID-19 pandemic, no? I hope to get the opportunity to check out your blog!


  2. Joy

    hello there. amazing review you have here it really dragged my attention as i was glancing through it i just could not ignore  it i really think that that this article is going to help a lot of people as it is going to help me also i really think that this 1 year anniversary giveaway by ladybossblogger is a really good idea keep it up thanks for sharing this important information with the public 

    1. AlohaMelani

      Joy, Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me! I’m elated that this post is helpful. LadyBossBlogger has so many resources for blogging and influencing. Good luck on your journey!


  3. Sherry

    Thank for your gift and I alrwayd registered on your mailing list too. This is really a good thing seeing people who are willing tonosuh through the thick and thin for the success that is later at the reach. This is really Greta here and I must say that you have really come a long way and the future looks more prospective. Thanks

    1. AlohaMelani


      Your words of encouragement mean a lot! Thank you so much for registering and good luck on your future endeavors!


  4. Payton

    Well, this is very good. I’m happy for you and seeing that even though you had a change once before, you are really thriving at what you have decided to do. I really hope that with time, you’ll be able to start making big money from this. I think this book will really help me as well so I’d head to that Instagram you shared there. Thank you so much for the give away.

    1. AlohaMelani


      You are awesome! Your words are encouraging. I appreciate you checking out the giveaway and LadyBossBlogger on Instagram.


  5. Bella

    Wow, this is really nice and I love to see women celebrating something as an achievement. With such going a around there would be more joy from the woman and there would be more than enough going into business and making a name for the event them themselves. I am really pleased to see how you have written a very truthful article. Cheers

    1. AlohaMelani


      Yes, there is a whole movement of women supporting women creatives such as bloggers and influencers. Although LadyBossBlogger courses work for both men and women, there is a certain celebration around women who are making a living this way. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I wish you success and greatness!


  6. Ann

    Hi, specially during this pandemic, understanding how to start generating income online is very important. I am happy I discovered your site and I will follow you on Instagram. It’s cool you have managed to find a way for yourself and that you’re also whiling to share your experience with us. Thank you!

    1. AlohaMelani


      I Love your thoughts on online income during this pandemic. So true that this is the time that becoming an online influencer or monetizing your blog with brand deals can be a wonderful way to get started on self-employment when unemployment is rising. It turns out many successful individuals today started their online journey during the 2008 housing crisis in the US. It will be interesting to see who makes lemonade out of lemons and become wealthy in the years to come.

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog, following me on Instagram, and your kind words. Please feel free to reach out via DM on Instagram as well. Hopefully I can find you and follow you back and if not message me so I do! 


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