You’ve somehow reached my blog and I want to give you a warm Aloha! My handle is AlohaMelani. My real name is actually Melony Rivera. So, why do I spell my first name differently and why Aloha, you ask?

Maybe you aren’t asking about the Aloha part because you probably guessed I grew up in Hawaii. I spent all the wonder years of my entire childhood there from age 5 to 14. Due to my upbringing I live my life with the spirit of Aloha and no matter how far away in the world I am, Hawaii will always be in my heart and a part of me. Okay, so Aloha is out of the way.

Sooo, why did I change the spelling of my name in my handle? Well, I was born in the Philippines. I am what you call Blasian. I’m Black (American) and Asian. Or you can say I’m BlackaPino. Whatever the case I come from 2 different cultures. Around the time I was born it was popular for Filipinos to combine the first names of parents. My Dad’s name is Lonnie and my Mom’s name is Melinda. Somehow they came up with Melony, but was pronouncing it Mah-Lonnie. Long story short if you actually know me I want you to pronounce my name correctly. If we just met I don’t make a big deal about it. I hope you continue to follow me, get to know me and if you’re ever in Tampa, FL when I’m in town we can get a bite to eat! Or if I’m in your neck of the woods we can get a bite where you are! When you meet me in person and you pronounce my name correctly, I’ll give you a huge Mahalo hug!

Major Foodie:  

I’m a 7 Year Gold Elite Yelper in the Yelp Tampa Bay Market and I am the reigning YelpTime Achievement Award winner. Along with my husband we also reign as the Yelp Couple of the Year. Reviewing food and experiences are my thing! It brings me so much joy to share how great it is to now be a Tampanian! We really have it all here. I also Yelp around the world!


I have traveled to all but 3 states in the US. I have been to 22 countries and counting. I always have my next adventure or 2 planned. As much as I enjoy Tampa Bay the travel bug bite has infected me for life. My love for travel has led me to write about my experiences and adventures and I want to inspire everyone to step out and embrace the beauty of the world and all its cultures.

Aloha Lifestyle:

My multicultural household and my Blasian background has allowed me see the world through several different lenses and I invite readers and followers to take a peek! I am stylish, youthful for my age, a natural curly hair enthusiast and I stand out in the crowd. I’m a wife to Melvin, also an Elite Yelper and proud Dominican. I am a mother to Alahni, an aspiring doctor and Nelson who already calls himself a chef. My son has his own blog, nelsazon.com and YouTube Channel about food and cooking. I also have 2 step daughters, Angelica and Natalia who are both in college. We are the Multi-Cultural Brady Bunch!

The purpose of this blog is to inspire you to embrace what is different and what is familiar and find the beauty in both. To see what the world has to offer in terms of Travel, Food, and a multitude of culture!