How to Get Paid to Write As a Freelance Article Contributor

Get paid for creating content

News Break is looking for content creators to write stories that help people feel connected within their local communities and, ultimately, the nation. Currently, the offer is $25-$60 per article depending on quality. (This changed from a guaranteed $1K a month).

As all good things eventually come to an end, I recommend applying sooner than later.

Why you’ll succeed

News Break is the #1 local-news aggregator in the country. With over 45M monthly active users across iOS, Android, and the web, you can expect your content to reach a broad user base. News Break is dedicated to providing both national and local news to the ideal target audiences.

How you’ll get paid

For creators who join the program and meet the criteria, News Break not only provides a home for your unique stories but also helps you thrive by offering the following…

Guaranteed Income

So the Guarantee changed just as I stated before: (Guaranteed minimum monthly payment of $1000 a month for writing at least 12 qualifying articles with 1000 words. Note that this is a new creator program that the platform is growing, so as of this writing $1000 is the minimum guarantee.)

The NEW compensation plan is $25 or $60 per article up to $1500 plus you get paid for page views. (keep reading for details)

Note: I’ve heard of some creators getting their articles rejected, but it hasn’t happened to me. You just need to follow simple guidelines.

This can change, so you may want to apply while the compensation is still fantastic. Once the platform is flooded with writers they may stop taking applications.

You will receive a contract with all the details on the specifics of how you will be paid.

You should have no issues as long as your articles:

  • Refrain from using any false, spam, misleading, discriminatory, defamatory, or otherwise derogatory language.
  • No marketing yourself, products, or other platforms.
  • Do not feature advertisements or solicitations for donations.

Ad Revenue Share

Payments based on pageviews. If you get more than the minimum payout worth of page views you are paid the ad revenue share payment or the minimum, whichever is higher.

How it works

Apply to Join

Submit your application and you’ll receive a response of approval status within 5-7 days.

In addition, please let me know by emailing me at – if you have good writing samples from your blog, news articles, muckrack, or any other writing platform, add that to the email. If I believe your content is good I will push it to my rep who can approve you faster.

Once you are approved you will get a profile page to set up. In your profile, you can add your own website or any  URL relevant to you that you would like to eventually gain traffic to.

Note that you can write about local news, national news, or simply repurpose your blog posts. However News Break wants local. The more you write about US local news the more your article scores high enough to get paid $60 on it.

The platform favors articles that are local and exclusive to News Break and you won’t get many views linking back to an outside post.

Again, you can repurpose your own writing, but you shouldn’t link to the duplicate writing. You should also be the original writer as well. No plagiarism. 

Start Writing

Login to the Creator Portal and bring your story to life in the secure and easy-to-author interface.

Content Published

Once your content passes the editorial principles check, you will be notified when it goes live for News Break users.

Track Your Content

Check back as frequently as you like to view data on your content performance.

Get Paid

You will receive your earnings by direct deposit.

Grow Your Following

Your story continues. Create more content and share it with your own network.


News Break App

You will want to create a user profile on the News Break app.

  1. To get familiar with the platform. 
  2. To get local and national news customized for you.
  3. To follow yourself and others to see how your article looks to readers.

If You Are Writing Elsewhere You Qualify

If you are already writing for your blog or other outlets like Medium or Quora, you might as well be writing for News Break

It is free to use News Break as a user and it’s free to apply to become a News Break contributor. As with most publications, ads are how they create revenue.

If a freelance opportunity will cost you money to apply, then it’s not a real opportunity. 

I am a contributor for News Break.


Please give me a follow and email me at pr@alohamelani to let me know so I can support you!


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